Time to level up in real life!

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Complexity in overanalyzing

Weight, 75 kg. Was hitting down to 72 kg a while, really felt it was kinda a stop there, although still a lot of body fat. I started to run instead and have increased my muscle mass however gone to a more normal diet. After the exams I’m probably going back to a high protein diet again and train more than ever, pushing myself to the limit. Right now I’m running for around 30-40 min every second day to keep my weight in shack.

Since last time my impetigo was gone after 1 week but I still looked funny until like 2 weeks after. I did see her for a movie night at my place but have a hard time trying to figure her out. What appeals to me is her randomness and still willing to see me. Recently I have by mistake maybe said some weird things to her that could be misunderstood and given the fact that our SMS conversation stopped 2 days ago I think it has been misunderstood. However I’ll let her mope around for another day and if she doesn’t answers then it’s probably not completely my fault either. She would by after the given time we’ve spent together understood that I’m not some kind of douchebag or player that is trying to set her up in some weird way.

She knows where she has me, that’s probably one of my weakest points since my stupid mouth once blurted it all out once. I need to get some new fresh ideas to try to be funny and subtle with her. Maybe some hints here and there that I still can joke away incase she does a call on me. Yeah, I might be friend zoned. Even though I might like this person I’m not afraid of taking the hit of having my heart crushed again. Weirdly enough, I guess you can get used to it? 😛


Leveling up…

Right now I’m about 78.4 kg when I weighted myself a couple of days ago. I’ve been getting some more attention from girls lately is what I’ve noticed, however I’m not there yet. I can’t waste my time on already going out for the “hunt” lol. My biggest issue right now is, “Should I life weights?” Like really? Should I? If you take the consideration that by lifting weight I will gain muscles and that will be heavier than fat. Of course I understand that the most important is not the weight scale itself, but how your body will look and feel. However I might think that this will not help me psychologically if I were to stand on the weight and see that I’ve gained weight instead.

My goal is still the same, I found out that I have a normal BMI under 76 kg so I gotta break that one first. I haven’t had time to do training but will have to get ready as soon as my exams are finnish and run like hell. If I’m lucky, I can make it before the 15th and concentrate on weight reducing. Going on a party however on the 17th. Will try to eat some food at home first before getting there so I don’t have to eat too much carbs or so. The best to drink when it comes to alcohol during low carb times is apparently some kind of dry wine. Not any kind of fruity wine however cause that has a lot of sugar.

The 18 would probably be a slow day and a bit wasted day I guess, gonna have to keep a check on how much liquor I drink so that I at least can take some walks to get some exercise and maybe do some study reading. Then from the 19th I gotta run like hell I guess so I can meet my weight limit. Before the 23rd I think I will try eating carbs again but of course lot of fiber and pull out all fat food. So it’s gonna be a switch for my stomach so I at least can eat some christmas food. The question is if I can keep the exercise up to be able to start eating normal again.

I guess I’ll keep posting after exams. Peace!

Broken! 79.5 kg

The day before I weighted in at 79.5 kg. But you can tell that it is starting to go muuuch slower from here onwards. However slow is good apparently.

Enduring the fight!

Right now I’m busy like hell with studying and trying to go down in weight, although I almost have no readers, this will be good for myself to one day read back at and understand what I went through and how I felt.

So right now I’m trying really hard to go down in weight. I can already see some changes as my jeans get a little bit loosen (Agh! New clothes = good bye money).

My best inspiration is usually by reading about somebody who have done something great and how he worked hard to achieve it. That stuff motivates me and probably most of the people. But a new discovery I made is that what really motivates me, is by thinking about the future. What kind of life will i lead? What kind of girl (or girls) will I meet? What kind of self-esteem will I end up having? This is what a lot of you would call daydreaming, but I wouldn’t call it bad. It makes me focus on stuff that’s important, so that when I’m running, I’m keeping that in mind. That the possibilities opens up for every step I take, for every squat I make, for every push-up I do, it will all NOT be for nothing.

It sounds like a weird goal for most people I guess, but after faced the highest risk I’ve ever had dying. I think maybe it might be normal, that you want to do these small things for yourself more than someone else that might be stuck. In one way, this sickness might have been the best and worst thing that have ever happened in my life, weird huh?

Anyway I weighted in at 80.9 kg this morning , around 15 hours ago. Fight on!

20 min pass

As I am having exams right now I don’t have time to blog properly. And to minimize unfortunately on training I found a training guide on Mens Health that only takes about 20 min (I do it on 30 though :(… )

Gonna try to stick with this one as well till Christmast.
Weight: 84 kg <- yay.


Run for your life!

Well here are the results I guess. Note that I haven’t ran in a long time and my condition in running isn’t the best ^^;

Before I started to run I made a little playlist, to listen. I also used an app called RunKeeper to make a route on where I should run.

Yeah I know some songs are cheesy, but they’re great to run with ^^;

I was going to add the map I ran but I was afraid people might identify me as it is close to where I live. When I get photoshop I will post up the route. Newbie misstake was to run too fast in the beginning and get all tired when the last half of the track is pure uphill since I kinda live on the hill of the city. The route I picked was suppose to be 2.25 km I believe, but the GPS tracking went a bit weird so I ran around 2.4 km.

Oh, ate noodles after I got back (180 cal there -_-). The thing I started to do is drink a LOT of water before eating, and hopefully you don’t need to eat so much.

Cheers! Hope I keep this up.

Just do it!

What is a good way too lose weight? I’ve tried many. Such as stop eating rice, bread, pasta and other carbs, However then I get more tired when walking to school and I don’t feel especially good and as soon as I quit I started go up again. My next question to myself is. How bad do I want it? How FREAKING BAD Do I want it?! There are so many gains in loosing weight I can’t really keep waiting. The problem is everytime I go to sleep and wake up again, all my motivation is gone. So what do I need to do, to stay hungry? And how will I cope it with my studies?

My idea right now is to have some inspirational video clips with music to inspire me in the morning. The shit I need to watch so I can go do my stuff that I need. I remember before I became sick, I still had passion, I still had to do whatever it took to get into my dream university, I had to stick with it. When my younger brother asked me “Brother, I don’t know what to do to make my father proud, I don’t know what to do to make my mom proud, I don’t know that to do to make you proud of me? What should I do?”. I remember I said something along the lines “You don’t do it for anyone else than yourself, you don’t do it to get praised or to make anyone proud over you, you do it because you want it real bad!”. He then told me “I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna become something, I’m gonna do it right!” so many times that I almost got sick hearing about it and I told him “Just do it! Stop saying that your gonna do something and just do it! Plan your day and follow through your plan and get results! If you want it bad, you just do it!”. I feel right now like I’m teaching myself these steps again, after my first intensive chemotherapy attempt failed I lost air totally. I couldn’t think about anything, I was sad and depressed that I was never gonna see the eyes of my future children, and that my parents would outlive their son. I was sad that I hadn’t found that special someone to share my life with. And since I already gotten into my university of my dreams, I lost my motivation. As I said before this blog is for me to get on right track again and to really fight to get into shape and fix my school grades as well find something I’m passionate about. I very well know that even if I manage to do all that, I might not find the love of my life or my life might not get better. But that is not an excuse to sit back and not try.

I was into boxing a lot when I was in junior high so I thought this video will be the inspiration video I shall watch when I wake up.

It is time to get busy, by tomorrow I will start jogging a small route at a slow pace as I know I’m in a bad shape. As well as the air is getting colder in the morning. But I will get there for sure! I will post if I managed to jog my route by tomorrow, or if I was just a weak ass that kept sleeping in the bed. As I told my brother, I will tell myself

“If you want it bad, you just do it!”