Time to level up in real life!

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Good bye and so long

Lot of time has passed since I blogged, so here’s an small update.

I’ve been better lately apparently it isn’t my hormones that is imbalanced. Although I’m gonna need to get the data myself to check as here in our country they say that I am within reasonable values, but I might be off the charts in other countries. My other thoughts is that is time to go private hospital on my other problems as they community hospital is way too slow and competence seems to be low.  Political wise I guess you have to go totally socialistic with the care or almost totally private.

The girl I liked seems to be a lost cause, she’s still a good friend but my feelings for her are all gone. She was too different for me, but I have now seenher real side. It’s not bad just because she’s different. So I hope she finds a better suited guy in the future. As for myself I hope I find another person in the future, time will tell. But I am not ready to commit into something as serious as a relatonship before I fix my own problems. One step at a time, on to one direction. Finally might have understood the importance of a realistic goal, as you need to reap the fruits once in a while.



Found out a couple days ago that apparently my hormones are imbalanced which might explain a lot of things. However gonna get aid with that so I’ll turn “normal” and more productive person. Have felt these last 2 years that I’ve sometimes just lost interest on doing things. I really hope this solve the problem, but I should be prepared that I just might be a lazy bum. But if I use that positive thinking about that I will get better, then placebo effect might work on me đŸ™‚ And hopefully I’ll turn more productive.

Life is going good right now. I can’t really say why but the girl I like specifically asked to do an activity with me. We are a gang of friends that meet every now and then… Well I’m actually kinda new there, so I have only been with them once for that kind of event. So this time they were gonna randomly pair me with a person and apparently she wanted to get paired with me. The other sees it as that they sold me off since she is a bit weird. However I kinda like that weirdishness in her :). I bet she didn’t have the slightest intend of what most people would think she had if she said like that. Life in the friendzone, happy go lucky. Just gotta pursuit the happiness…

Complexity in overanalyzing

Weight, 75 kg. Was hitting down to 72 kg a while, really felt it was kinda a stop there, although still a lot of body fat. I started to run instead and have increased my muscle mass however gone to a more normal diet. After the exams I’m probably going back to a high protein diet again and train more than ever, pushing myself to the limit. Right now I’m running for around 30-40 min every second day to keep my weight in shack.

Since last time my impetigo was gone after 1 week but I still looked funny until like 2 weeks after. I did see her for a movie night at my place but have a hard time trying to figure her out. What appeals to me is her randomness and still willing to see me. Recently I have by mistake maybe said some weird things to her that could be misunderstood and given the fact that our SMS conversation stopped 2 days ago I think it has been misunderstood. However I’ll let her mope around for another day and if she doesn’t answers then it’s probably not completely my fault either. She would by after the given time we’ve spent together understood that I’m not some kind of douchebag or player that is trying to set her up in some weird way.

She knows where she has me, that’s probably one of my weakest points since my stupid mouth once blurted it all out once. I need to get some new fresh ideas to try to be funny and subtle with her. Maybe some hints here and there that I still can joke away incase she does a call on me. Yeah, I might be friend zoned. Even though I might like this person I’m not afraid of taking the hit of having my heart crushed again. Weirdly enough, I guess you can get used to it? đŸ˜›

Leveling up…

Right now I’m about 78.4 kg when I weighted myself a couple of days ago. I’ve been getting some more attention from girls lately is what I’ve noticed, however I’m not there yet. I can’t waste my time on already going out for the “hunt” lol. My biggest issue right now is, “Should I life weights?” Like really? Should I? If you take the consideration that by lifting weight I will gain muscles and that will be heavier than fat. Of course I understand that the most important is not the weight scale itself, but how your body will look and feel. However I might think that this will not help me psychologically if I were to stand on the weight and see that I’ve gained weight instead.

My goal is still the same, I found out that I have a normal BMI under 76 kg so I gotta break that one first. I haven’t had time to do training but will have to get ready as soon as my exams are finnish and run like hell. If I’m lucky, I can make it before the 15th and concentrate on weight reducing. Going on a party however on the 17th. Will try to eat some food at home first before getting there so I don’t have to eat too much carbs or so. The best to drink when it comes to alcohol during low carb times is apparently some kind of dry wine. Not any kind of fruity wine however cause that has a lot of sugar.

The 18 would probably be a slow day and a bit wasted day I guess, gonna have to keep a check on how much liquor I drink so that I at least can take some walks to get some exercise and maybe do some study reading. Then from the 19th I gotta run like hell I guess so I can meet my weight limit. Before the 23rd I think I will try eating carbs again but of course lot of fiber and pull out all fat food. So it’s gonna be a switch for my stomach so I at least can eat some christmas food. The question is if I can keep the exercise up to be able to start eating normal again.

I guess I’ll keep posting after exams. Peace!