Good bye and so long

by lvlupirl

Lot of time has passed since I blogged, so here’s an small update.

I’ve been better lately apparently it isn’t my hormones that is imbalanced. Although I’m gonna need to get the data myself to check as here in our country they say that I am within reasonable values, but I might be off the charts in other countries. My other thoughts is that is time to go private hospital on my other problems as they community hospital is way too slow and competence seems to be low.  Political wise I guess you have to go totally socialistic with the care or almost totally private.

The girl I liked seems to be a lost cause, she’s still a good friend but my feelings for her are all gone. She was too different for me, but I have now seenher real side. It’s not bad just because she’s different. So I hope she finds a better suited guy in the future. As for myself I hope I find another person in the future, time will tell. But I am not ready to commit into something as serious as a relatonship before I fix my own problems. One step at a time, on to one direction. Finally might have understood the importance of a realistic goal, as you need to reap the fruits once in a while.