Life as a goal…

by lvlupirl

We don’t know about what  life holds for us. We can never know the future. We can never change the pass. We might only live in the present, but that’s what makes it all so much more interesting. We can make the move that is necessary to plan for the future. As we reach the goal we are looking for we can look back in the past, and it might gone as we planned.

Today the girl I like called me annoying. It seems like a joke, but it still hurts. Soon I’m thinking of confessing. Just for the reason so I get over with it. She always tells me I’m wrong, unfortunately this time I know I will be right when I confess to her. Cause I’ll know what her answer will be. I’ll still do it, because I don’t want to regret anything in my life from now on. And if I don’t confess to her, then I will always think “What if?” and I don’t think I could live with myself in that case.  It will hurt… I’m sure of it…. But only then can I go on. Maybe I’m looking at this at a wrong point of view, but trust me when I tell you this. She is completely impossible to read, probably the most random and weird girl I have ever met. But that’s probably why I’m attracted to her, that’s probably why I will get shot down as well. Time will tell..