Complexity in overanalyzing

by lvlupirl

Weight, 75 kg. Was hitting down to 72 kg a while, really felt it was kinda a stop there, although still a lot of body fat. I started to run instead and have increased my muscle mass however gone to a more normal diet. After the exams I’m probably going back to a high protein diet again and train more than ever, pushing myself to the limit. Right now I’m running for around 30-40 min every second day to keep my weight in shack.

Since last time my impetigo was gone after 1 week but I still looked funny until like 2 weeks after. I did see her for a movie night at my place but have a hard time trying to figure her out. What appeals to me is her randomness and still willing to see me. Recently I have by mistake maybe said some weird things to her that could be misunderstood and given the fact that our SMS conversation stopped 2 days ago I think it has been misunderstood. However I’ll let her mope around for another day and if she doesn’t answers then it’s probably not completely my fault either. She would by after the given time we’ve spent together understood that I’m not some kind of douchebag or player that is trying to set her up in some weird way.

She knows where she has me, that’s probably one of my weakest points since my stupid mouth once blurted it all out once. I need to get some new fresh ideas to try to be funny and subtle with her. Maybe some hints here and there that I still can joke away incase she does a call on me. Yeah, I might be friend zoned. Even though I might like this person I’m not afraid of taking the hit of having my heart crushed again. Weirdly enough, I guess you can get used to it? 😛