Some time has passed …. :)

It was a while since I updated here, reason is that life has been quite busy for me. I have kind of confessed to a girl I was interested in by asking her out. I probably did that too early as she backed out and asked if we could only stay as friends. The funny part though is that she still keeps in touch, I know what you all are gonna say “Your being friend zoned”. But I think she knows my intention more now. And she still wants to see me privately, however I’m not a person to let myself be friend zoned too long if that’s the case. I will most likely confess to her soon again in probably a month or so and if she asks me if we can just be friends. I’m gonna say no, that this is it, and this is where I stand. It’s a little bit all or nothing, I might be heart broken but you gotta chance sometimes with these things.

Right now my weight is 74 kg 🙂 Had to stop a while and eat as a normal person as I got impetigo (Argh! What are the odds for a grown man to get it? Quite high apparently as I visit my university frequently and uses public transport as well as my roommate is studying to become a doctor meeting sick people all the time probably). So I gained back to 76 kg since I got depressed and ate Ice Cream for 3 days in a row -_-. Initially I kinda had a date booked for this week, but not gonna go see her with my face completely eaten up by this disease. Have gotten penicillin against it and most of the swelling has gone down as well as the scab has fallen off (eeewww), now it’s most red and it’s looking a bit messy still.

Sometimes I wonder what I do to get this kind of luck? XD Ah well, Life throws shit against me all the time, and I’m used to getting K.O punches against me, so I won’t budge!